About Us

We’ve always loved photography.  It is so important to photograph often, so that we can have memories for a lifetime and generations to come.  It is also important to document people’s personalities, and candid moments.  It is all part of who we are.

We love the art of photography, and never stop reading and learning different, new techniques.  However, as a photographer, you need to have a style and to make it your trademark; not every one will like it, but those who do, will choose us because of it.  It is a unique little niche every artist has.  It will identify you, it will define you.

Every session is different.  Every client has their own character, their own taste.  Our work is challenging and always changing, shaping itself to best illustrate the array of different personalities, cultures, and tastes.  We love to really “know” our clients, we ask questions, and love to hear suggestions.  We want to make your images unique to your character.   We want to make our clients comfortable, because having a camera on your face isn’t easy, and we know.  Our best images are captured when you are having fun, when you feel relaxed, and when you feel as if among friends.

We love what we do, and we want you to love what we do for YOU.  We will strive to achieve that.

 Vision & Values

Our vision and values are directly tied to the quality of our services.


The men and women of Lifetouch share the vision to be the leading employee-owned photographic company providing innovative products and services that capture the spirit of today and preserve the memories of tomorrow.


A straightforward vision statement is embraced throughout the Lifetouch organization.

We care about people – employees, customers, and other partners as individuals, treating them respectfully and dutifully. We strive for integrity in all aspects of our business, including associations with other people, products and services that fulfill our customers’ expectations, promotion and financial reporting.

We are committed to excellence and total customer satisfaction in our performance and pledge to professionally carry out our responsibilities.

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